Ava was a client I picked up later than usual. She was “older” compared to my typical newborns – which is absolutely INSANE to say because she was only 2 weeks! Ah, the newborn photography business.. Anyway! I could not believe how sleepy and sweet she was still. She was completely happy once her mom fed her and we had such an amazing session. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blonde newborn. Her hair was so light which, from what I’ve seen, is not that common. It was adorable! I got to meet her parents and her Grandma and they were all lovely. Her mom gave me some awesome nostalgic pieces to work with including a handmade blanket from Grandma, her own baby bonnet from when she was born and her “I was born at Beaumont” t-shirt (do they still give those out because THEY SHOULD!). It was such a wonderful session and I hope to work more with this little peanut in the future!