I remember when I graduated high school, I went to the same photographer as everyone else at my school, did the same poses as everyone else in my class and had the same background as everyone else in the yearbook. Don’t get me wrong, my photos were amazing! I still love them, but I also love the freedom that kids are getting these days to choose the direction of their senior portraits.

Mark is my cousin and I have no idea when he got to be so grown up. He is seriously straight up model status. Not only that, but he’s a talented soccer player and creative, too! He decided he wanted to do his session in downtown Detroit and feature the amazing graffiti in some of his photos. I live in the city so I explored with my sister and we found the perfect location: a brand new graffiti installation by the Z-lot (check it out if you haven’t yet!). We started by the river and made our way downtown. It was so much fun and I am thrilled with the way his photos turned out!